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Yvonne Badke

Senior Biometrician, Breeding Research Group, Breeding and Trait Development Unit, Bayer Crop Science

Expert Bio

Yvonne Badke is Senior Biometrician in the Breeding Research group within the Breeding and Trait Development unit at Bayer. She serves as project leader of the Genomic Selection pilot project implemented in the U.S. mid-south cotton breeding program. In this role she is tasked with developing an optimal scheme to utilize genomic predictions to improve and accelerate the release of new market varieties of cotton.

Prior to joining Bayer, Yvonne was a research assistant in the laboratory for statistical genetics and genomics in the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University, where she received her Ph.D. in Animal Science. She also has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Statistics from Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. 

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Q: what are some benefits of animal GMOs

Answered By Yvonne Badke - Feb 19, 2015

A: In general, the benefits of genetically modified (GM) animals are very similar to those cited for GM plants, which includes inserting genes to produce a GM animal in a more efficient way or enhance the function of the animal.   For the advantages and the process in plants, please refer to this basic introduction.   Genetic modifications in animals have been researched since the early 1990s.  FDA is currently reviewing the first GM animal product.  No GM food animal or food animal product is on the market today.  With regard to GM animals, FDA released guide [...]



Q: What is the WHOLE process of GM food or animals? Why are animals force fed GM corn and soybeans, if they are getting diseases, sick and are dieing?! If there are so many hazards why is there still GM things being made? I also think that GM food should be

Answered By Yvonne Badke - Nov 07, 2014

A: The following responses address separately each of your questions related to GMOs and animals:   a) What is the WHOLE process of GM food or animals?   Most of the GM process is rather technical, but it all starts with identifying the right gene to insert. This may sound easy, but it is really more like finding a small, straw-colored needle in a huge haystack — we may have been able to sequence several organisms (including human ones) over the last decade, but single genes and their specific functions are still largely unknown. So, at the beginning of any GMO process, [...]

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