Tomas Zaborowski


Tomas Zaborowski

Global Seeds Sustainability Manager, Bayer

As Global Seeds Sustainability Manager, Tomas is in charge of implementing diverse programs and auditing global processes concerning Bayer’s Seeds business sustainability. He also supports partnership activities involving key crops such as soybean, canola, cotton and rice.

Prior to joining Bayer, Tomas was Business Development Manager for Ephrin, where he focused business strategy efforts on business viability and ecommerce improvement. He also previously worked for Monsanto as a Brand Marketing Manager in Latin America, where he led the brand portfolio strategy for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay seed business.  

Tomas holds marketing degrees from Palermo University in Buenos Aires and post graduates certification from Virginia Commonwealth University. He also has MBA degrees from Austral University in Buenos Aires and London Business School.

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Posted on: January 5, 2016
Response from Tomas Zaborowski, Global Seeds Sustainability Manager, Bayer • February 29, 2016
GMOs have been in the market for 20 years and since then, society has benefited from GM cultivation and commercialization. Considering facts from the International Services for the Acquisition of Agribio Tech Application (ISAAA) report, one can see that GMOs have had a positive impact on the way growers grow crops, and also from an economic, environmental and social perspective.   Today, more than 18 million growers in 28 countries cultivate GMO crops, 90% of them in the poorest and... Read More
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