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Steve Chandler

Suntory Flowers Limited

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Previous manager and director at Florigene, a company based in Melbourne Australia that commercialized flower colour modified GMO carnation for the cut flower industry. I now work with Suntory Flowers limited, Japan, to commercialize GMO chrysanthemum and rose.

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Q: Do animal genes get used in plants

Answered By Steve Chandler - Dec 27, 2018

A: Thank you for your question.   I think it’s important to take the opportunity before replying to point out that animals and plants share naturally many genes with the same function. These functions relate to the basic machinery of life, such as gene and cell replication and basic metabolism. This point has been made before in this forum but I think is an important concept to be familiar with.   To the question though and yes, animal (including human) genes do sometimes get used in genetically modified plants. As animal and plant genes are both made of DNA the methods for [...]