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Robert Wager M.Sc.

Faculty Member, Biology Department, Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo BC Canada

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I have been a Faculty member of the Biology Department of Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo BC Canada for 23 years. My training is in Biochemistry and Molecular biology. I am an independent scientist with zero financial connection to the biotechnology industry. I have been involved in GMO research with an emphasis on public education for 13 years. I have given many talks and written many articles for the general public that explain different aspects of GE technology. Most can be read on my website at

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Genetic Engineering — Its Global Benefits Now And Beyond

By Robert Wager M.Sc. - Nov 03, 2017

This post was originally published on GMO Answers' Medium page.   For thousands of years, genetic engineering has helped enhance our food supply, and the future of this innovative technology is no different (Image Credit: GMO Answers)   Agriculture could be defined as the manipulation of plant and animal DNA to suit the needs of humans. We have been changing the DNA of our food for 10,000 years. For most of agricultural history, we’ve had no idea what DNA changes occurred in our food. The discovery of recombinant DNA technologies in the 1970s began to change tha [...]

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