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Richard Green

Former Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Manager

Expert Bio

Richard received his BSc degree in Microbiology from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.  He then worked in Biopharmaceuticals for many years.  His work involved culturing and growing genetically engineered cell cultures of all kinds, for the production of pharmaceutical drugs.  He wore many hats throughout the years, from designing and conducting experiments geared to improving the manufacturing process, interacting with the FDA, and running a group that investigated and determined the impact of deviations that happened during various stages of production.

Having seen the acceptance of genetically engineered medications, Richard was surprised to learn of the controversy surrounding the application of the technology in agriculture.  This led him to learn more about those agricultural applications, to see if there really was cause for concern for a technology that he had seen so successfully applied in medicine.  His research has led him to publish a few articles as a guest writer for the Skepti-Forum.  Skepti-Forum is a platform for evidence-based discussions of science-based issues like genetically engineered crops.

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The Scientific Consensus and GMOs

By Richard Green - Aug 01, 2014

Originally posted at Skepti-Forum.   The information on a scientific consensus is easy enough to find, but for the topic of GMOs it is in multiple places, and more often than not, misinformation comes up first on Internet searches.  So I thought I’d assemble the data I’ve found useful in one easy to reference location. What is a scientific consensus? What follows is an explanation derived from various discussions on the Internet. The text that inspired, and much of the verbiage, of this description can be found here and here. What is scientific consensus? What i [...]

Health and Safety


GMOs in Food and Medicine: An Overview

By Richard Green - Aug 28, 2014

Originally posted on SkeptiForum. When you search online for “GMOs” (Genetically Modified Organisms) the results that come up speak to GM crops, but GMOs are more than just plants. The technology of genetic modification or genetic engineering was first developed in the early 1970s, commercialized in pharmaceutical applications in the early 1980s, and then agricultural applications in the early 1990s. The technology has been around for 40 years. It is hardly new. Perhaps if you compare it to the internal combustion engine it is new, but compared to something as rec [...]

Development Why GMOs are made


Q: What pharmaceutical drugs are derived from genetically modified plants?

Answered By Richard Green - Jun 19, 2015

A: There are not many as yet.  I was only able to find one. On May 1, 2012, the FDA approved its first plant-cell based recombinant drug, Elelyso for treating Gaucher’s disease, a rare genetic enzyme deficiency.  It is made using genetically engineered carrot cells.   Elelyso is manufactured by growing the plant cells in bioreactors.  This production method is typically used for the most common types of organisms that are genetically engineered to produce a pharmaceutical drug (protein).  Those frequently used organisms are bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells.&nb [...]

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