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Richard E. Goodman

Ph.D., FAAAAI, Research Professor, Food Allergy Research and Resource Program, Dept. of Food Science & Technology, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA

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Dr. Goodman joined the Dept. of Food Science and Technology in the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2004 as a Research Professor. He has published 37 peer-reviewed papers, primarily on allergy and immunology. He received a Ph.D. in Dairy Science at Ohio State University in 1990, focusing on molecular biology. Postdoctoral training included three years in immunology and parasitology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, followed by four years as a Research Scientist in pulmonary immunology at the University of Michigan. He was an Allergy Program Manager for the safety assessment of GM crops at Monsanto Company from 1997-2004. He currently directs the database project at UNL, funded by the top six international agricultural biotechnology companies. His laboratory performs research to identify allergenic proteins and evaluate the relative allergenicity of GM crops and processed food fractions and on methods improvements for the safety assessment of GM crops. He is a consultant for various biotechnology and food companies. He has trained visiting scientists from Africa, China, India and the Philippines in methods for evaluating GM crop safety. He participated in the Codex Task Force Working group that developed the 2003 guidelines and is senior author of a number of peer reviewed articles on the overall process of the GM allergenicity as well as IgE serum screening, methods for testing protein stability in pepsin and evaluation of endogenous allergens.


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Q: Why did Monsanto pressure Elsevier to hire Monsanto employee Richard Goodman to review all GMO related research following the Seralini study? Does Monsanto need censors to protect their brand from negative research?

Answered By Richard E. Goodman - Aug 23, 2013

A: As far as I know, Monsanto did not pressure Elsevier to hire me (Richard Goodman, a Research Professor in the Dept. of Food Science & Technology at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, employed there since August, 2004).  I hope you will consider the following disclosure so that those who are interested in considering how the peer review system works might have a glimpse of reality as I see it. I was employed at Monsanto in Regulatory Sciences from 1997 until July, 2004, and worked on the safety assessment of genetically engineered crops during that time and as researcher, and contin [...]

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