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Naomi Stevens

Global Head of Market Acceptance for Seeds, Bayer Crop Science

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Naomi Stevens is the Global Head of Market Acceptance for Seeds at Bayer and is based in Lyon, France.

Naomi has worked in the plant science industry for the past 23 years with experience in crop protection regulatory affairs, government and public affairs in crop biotechnology as well as in global seeds branding and communications including media liaison, training and issue management.

She is a graduate of Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne in Australia and holds a postgraduate diploma in Agribusiness from Monash University, Australia.

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Q: You claim there is nothing wrong with GMOs. If this is true, why do you spend so much money to prevent labeling in the US?

Answered By Naomi Stevens - Oct 04, 2013

A: Technology developers including Bayer, together with food companies represented by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, are campaigning against state labeling laws due to the flawed nature of the language being proposed in them. Our industry  supports science-based, accurate and informative product labels that provide consumers with information relevant to the health, safety and nutrition of their food. Current state GM food labeling proposals include arbitrary  requirements and exemptions that do not deliver this. For example, the ballot initiatives in Ca [...]

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