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Mike Connelly

Regulatory and Compliance Manager, Nuseed America

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In his role as Regulatory and Compliance Manager, Mike Connelly is responsible for evaluating the safety, regulatory and compliance challenges of Nuseed’s canola traits that provide health benefits to consumers.  He brings more than 25 years of experience in global regulatory affairs and product development of crop protection products and plant biotechnology. He obtained a BA in Biology from the University of Minnesota, as well as a MS in Entomology, and an MBA from Florida International University.

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Q: What is the process followed in order to give plants seeds their desired genetic traits?

Answered By Mike Connelly - Jan 14, 2019

A: Good question! Many different processes are used when breeding to give plants their desired genetic traits. Improving plants through breeding involves the intentional manipulation of chromosomes to create desired genetic traits and their expression for specific purposes. Plant breeding often leads to plant domestication and has been practiced for thousands of years. This manipulation includes controlled pollination or genetic engineering, or even both, followed by artificial selection of progeny.   Classical plant breeding uses deliberate crossing of individuals to produce new crop [...]

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