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Martin Zucker

Assistant General Counsel, Monsanto Company

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Having started with the old Monsanto Company in 1989, I have had occasion to become familiar with a wide variety of historical issues involving the old chemical businesses that date back 40 to 80 years or more. While neither I nor anyone presently with Monsanto was around to deal with those issues back then, today I am responsible for understanding those ancient documents and accounts to provide the most accurate information possible in response to these types of questions. When I am not dealing with these decades old issues, as a former biology teacher I enjoy speaking on the subject of genetically modified foods.

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Q: Has Monsanto ever apologized for the horrifying birth defects its Agent Orange caused in Vietnam?

Answered By Martin Zucker - Sep 06, 2013

A: It is tragic whenever people suffer from serious health problems.  The U.S. military’s use of Agent Orange is an emotional issue for many people, due in large part to misinformation. More than 40 years ago, the U.S. military used Agent Orange as a defoliant in the Vietnam War, and it saved the lives of many U.S. and allied soldiers.  The former Monsanto was one of nine companies that manufactured Agent Orange for the government.  The nine Agent Orange manufacturers were government contractors acting at the direction of the government which was exercising its authority unde [...]

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Q: Monsanto has a history of producing promoting dangerous chemicals and lying about their safety. For example, they started producing PCBs in the 1920s, knew they were dangerous by 1956 (as later proven by internal company memos), and covered up the truth f

Answered By Martin Zucker - Sep 06, 2013

A: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear up some myths and clarify that the premise of your statements and question is completely false. I am familiar with the former Monsanto Company’s activities around DDT and PCB, and I can assure you that the company did not misrepresent information about these products.  And, on the GMO side, we certainly have not misrepresented the extensive, well-documented safety data on GM crops.  You've touched on several topics, though, and in the following bullets, I've attempted to share additional information to address each of your concerns:  [...]

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Q: Mr. Zucker, one of this site's experts, answered a question about Agent Orange. I responded with a question, “Due to what you cite as “misinformation”, as well as the above-mentioned court rulings, is it therefore Monsanto’s position that there i

Answered By Martin Zucker - Sep 16, 2013

A: It looks like your comment is posted, so I’m going to skip over that and get to the heart of your question.  Most issues of medical cause and effect are very complex and are rarely, if ever, answered with absolute certainty.  My previous response pointed out that courts in the United States and Korea, based on the evidence presented to them over many years, have concluded there was insufficient consistent or reliable scientific evidence to conclude that the many very serious medical conditions claimed by numerous veterans were caused by Agent Orange.   I always recommend t [...]

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