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Lisa Patterson

Farmer and Contributor to Truth About Trade & Technology Global Farmer Network

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Lisa Patterson and her husband live in Heyburn, Idaho. They grow potatoes, sugar beets, barley and corn on a family farm in the Idaho “Magic Valley”. She is happily involved in the business side of the farm, but loves spending time with her family, friends and especially, her grandchildren. Lisa joins the Truth About Trade & Technology Global Farmer Network.

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A Farm Mom Looks Forward to Innovative Potatoes That Will Cut Waste

By Lisa Patterson - Sep 04, 2014

Originally posted at Truth About Trade & Technology. Every mother knows the feeling. You go to the grocery store, buy a sack of potatoes, and come home to get that meal on the table fast – only to discover after peeling and slicing, you don’t have that clear, consistent color you were expecting. Instead you find internal bruising or black spots that you have to cut away. The wasted potatoes go in the garbage and you think, what a waste. Wouldn’t it be nice if technology could prevent all of this hassle and waste? Soon it will. A new potato that is the result of some exci [...]

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