Joanna Guza

Ambassador Expert

Joanna Guza

Millennial, social media guru, agriculture advocate, millennial, farmer’s daughter, fan of dairy products

Joanna Guza (formerly Wavrunek) is proud to be a millennial and farmer’s daughter. She has a unique perspective on agriculture from growing up on her family’s dairy farm, involvement in the state and national FFA organization and attending a non-agriculture university.

Joanna graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a degree in communication studies. She served as the Wisconsin State FFA Reporter in 2012-2013 and worked for the National FFA Organization as a 212/360 and Washington Leadership Conference facilitator in 2014-2015. Her family cares for 120 dairy cows and is currently going through the transition to become organic. She provides a fascinating viewpoint on GMOs.

Joanna currently works for Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative as a Digital Communications Manager in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  

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