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Gilbert Arap Bor

Farmer, Kenya

Expert Bio

Gilbert Arap Bor grows maize, vegetables and dairy cows on a small-scale farm of 25 acres in Kapseret, near Eldoret, Kenya. Mr. Bor, a lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa’s Eldoret Campus (Gaba), is a member of the Truth About Trade & Technology Global Farmer Network and was recently honored as the 2011 Kleckner Trade & Technology Advancement Award recipient.

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Q: How are you suppose to help our world-wide famine issue if your policy around the GMO seeds cause the price in seeds to rise beyond the affordability of a third-world farmer??

Answered By Gilbert Arap Bor - Jul 11, 2014

A:  “As we begin a new year, we often express our hope for the future. In Kenya, there is hope that 2014 will bring a lifting of the ban on GM imports and mark the first time Kenyan farmers will have access to important tools of agricultural technology that have been withheld from them.“One of the world’s great scientific hoaxes has been ratted out.“That’s the good news. The bad news is that his false claims already have done enormous damage to the cause of food security—and it will take a big effort to undo the harm here in Kenya and elsewhere.“The story began more than a year ago, when th [...]

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Q: do you think GM foods are more harmful or helpful?

Answered By Gilbert Arap Bor - Oct 01, 2015

A: In Tanzania, researchers have figured out how to improve the cassava through biotechnology—a development that everyone ought to celebrate and promote.   This progress comes at a good time because the cassava brown-streak virus has become the leading threat to food security in many parts of East Africa. One study says that the disease can slash a farm’s productivity by as much as 70 percent. When it strikes, many smallholder farmers simply abandon their fields—and each time that happens, Africa’s dire food problems grow a little bit worse.   Biotechnology [...]

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