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Dan Goldstein

Senior Science Fellow and Lead, Medical Sciences and Outreach, Monsanto Company

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I am a pediatrician and clinical toxicologist. In my fifteen-plus years at Monsanto, my focus has been on assuring the safety of all of our products – GM and conventional seed, as well as chemical – for our workers, for farmers and for the general public.

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Q: Have farmers in India committed suicide by drinking Monsanto's Round-up Ready?

Answered By Dan Goldstein - Aug 13, 2013

A: We think it’s possible that two issues could be getting confused here, and we want to make sure that the question you are concerned about is answered.  First of all, although glyphosate-containing herbicides (such as Roundup products), when used according to the label, have a long history of safe use, they can be harmful when ingested.  No herbicide should be ingested. Second, there is a widespread claim that failure of Monsanto’s GM cotton product caused farmers in India to commit suicide.  Tragically, farmer suicides in India began long before the introduction of GM [...]

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Q: How do you respond to the recent Entropy publication blaming glyphosate as disrupting our biochemical pathways and potentially being responsible for most of the primary diseases of Americans for being on the rise in the last 5 years? I am providing the li

Answered By Dan Goldstein - Oct 16, 2013

A: This publication claims that there is a causal connection between glyphosate and numerous diseases, including autism, Alzheimer’s, obesity, anorexia nervosa, liver disease, reproductive and developmental disorders, and cancer.   In actuality, the manuscript offers no new data.  Instead it presents multiple hypotheses, none of which are tested, and in order for the story to be true, every one of the hypotheses must be true. It is an attempt to make correlations between glyphosate and common health ailments. None of the disease associations are supported by available toxicology t [...]

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Q: Please explain why 6 years after GMO food were introduced into the American food supply, the number of food related hospitalizations increased 265%???? That's a big number. Source:

Answered By Dan Goldstein - Oct 21, 2013

A: It is important to recognize that the major food allergens, accounting for 90% of food allergy, are predominantly foods that are not genetically modified.  The major food allergens are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat, of which only soy is GM at this time (ibid.).  The majority of food allergies and the vast majority of food allergies which tend to be most persistent after childhood (peanut, tree nut, seafood) involve NON-GM foods.  To date, no reports exist of individuals who have developed sensitivity to proteins added via the genetic modificati [...]

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Q: Good Afternoon,Can you explain how we are to reconcile the claims that GMO foods are safe and "comparable" to Non-GMO foods, when GMOs are doused with chemicals, such as Monsanto's Roundup, which contains GLYPHOSATE? More and more studies are now linking

Answered By Dan Goldstein - Nov 14, 2013

A: This is a multifaceted question with the understanding that you don't trust information from industry scientists, government scientists, academic scientists at institutions that receive private funding or organizations like the AMA and, I will presume, the National Academy of Sciences.  I point this out because there was an article published recently that discusses exactly this expectation of corruption that may be of interest (see page 8). I will begin by sorting out and clarifying some items.  Crops are not “doused” in anything.  The word implies a haphazard and presumab [...]

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