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Brandon Hunnicutt


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Brandon Hunnicutt lives on a piece of land that his family has farmed for over 100 years. He is passionate about agriculture, whether he’s trying to raise the next big crop, utilizing the next big technological advance, researching a product to make his crops healthier or more productive or trying to protect agriculture from those who want to farm it.

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Q: What is the difference between a hybrid and a GMO? Neither method alters genes, correct?

Answered By Brandon Hunnicutt - Aug 15, 2013

A: Great question. Let me start with a few definitions.   Biotech - GM seeds can use traditional breeding techniques but also use genetic engineering resulting in a seed that has a specific gene of known function from another plant or organism.      Hybrid - Hybridization is a traditional breeding technique where, commonly in plants, the pollen from one plant is used to fertilize another related or unrelated plant species.  “Hybrids” are the offspring of such a cross.   In the 1930s, breeders used hybridization to their advantage by crossing a “pure [...]

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