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Beat Späth

Director Green Biotechnology, EuropaBio

Beat Späth joined EuropaBio, the European association of biotechnology industries, in 2011, and is director for agricultural biotechnology since 2014. Beat is a German and Swiss citizen who studied politics and languages in the UK, France and Belgium. His previous positions were also Brussels-based, as an assistant to a Member of the European Parliament (from 2001), and with the German Retail Federation’s Brussels office (from 2004). As director for agricultural biotechnology, Beat works with a small team and member companies on all aspects plant biotechnology, with a focus on GMO imports into the EU.

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Posted on June 9, 2015
Response from Beat Späth, Director Green Biotechnology, EuropaBio • August 7, 2015
No, there has been no such ban. The EU has authorised over 60 GMOs for import, and these authorisations are for food and feed uses, meaning that it is also legal to use these authorised GMOs for infant/baby food. However, in practice, while animal feed in the EU has very large GMO contents, the food industry and retailers put very few food products on the market that contain significant levels of GMOs which would require the food to be labelled as containing GMOs. They do so for marketing/... Read More
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