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Amanda is from Southwest Michigan where her family farms 2,000 acres of corn and soybeans. For 26 years, Amanda and her family ran and supplied a roadside market selling their own fresh fruits and vegetables. After graduating college, Amanda attended law school at Michigan State University College of Law and is now a practicing lawyer. She also "ag-vocates" at her blog about issues facing modern agriculture.

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Posted on: December 11, 2015
Response from Amanda Zaluckyj, Farmer, Lawyer, Blogger, • January 29, 2016
Simply put, none.   There has never been even a single reported case of someone dying from a genetically modified crop. The Center of Disease Control, which tracks causes of death in the United States, has no reported cases of a person dying from a GMO. Nor this should be surprising when one understands that any commercially available genetically modified crop has undergone rigorous testing and has been reviewed by multiple government agencies.   There is also no credible,... Read More
Posted on: July 11, 2015
Response from Amanda Zaluckyj, Farmer, Lawyer, Blogger, • August 14, 2015
Not necessarily. The supersweet corn does not necessarily come from a genetically modified crop.   When my family raised sweet corn for our roadside stand in Michigan, the supersweet varieties were definitely very popular among our customers! Supersweet is a category of sweet corn distinguished by its sweeter flavor. Supersweet is actually only one of three types of corn that has been bred to have a higher sugar content. There are also “normal sugary” and “sugar-... Read More
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