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Amanda Zaluckyj

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Amanda is from Southwest Michigan where her family farms 2,000 acres of corn and soybeans. For 26 years, Amanda and her family ran and supplied a roadside market selling their own fresh fruits and vegetables. After graduating college, Amanda attended law school at Michigan State University College of Law and is now a practicing lawyer. She also "ag-vocates" at her blog about issues facing modern agriculture.

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Excuse Me, Why is Your Seed Blue?

By Amanda Zaluckyj - Dec 16, 2014

Originally posted at The Farmer's Daughter U.S.A. If you stop and think about it, germination is a pretty awesome thing. We take a teeny tiny little seed, stick it in the ground, wait a few days, and we start to see a little plant pop out of the dirt. To some extent, the success of those tiny seeds just has to be left up to fate. But there are a lot of dangers that the seed and plant have to survive those first few weeks. We have tools to limit the risks to those seeds and help those little plants get a good start. One way is through the use of seed treatments. I first discussed seed [...]

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Q: is Michigan supersweet bicolored corn a gmo?

Answered By Amanda Zaluckyj - Aug 14, 2015

A: Not necessarily. The supersweet corn does not necessarily come from a genetically modified crop.   When my family raised sweet corn for our roadside stand in Michigan, the supersweet varieties were definitely very popular among our customers! Supersweet is a category of sweet corn distinguished by its sweeter flavor. Supersweet is actually only one of three types of corn that has been bred to have a higher sugar content. There are also “normal sugary” and “sugar-enhanced” categories of sweet corn that have higher sugar content, though as the name suggests, super [...]

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Q: how many people die from gmos each year

Answered By Amanda Zaluckyj - Jan 29, 2016

A: Simply put, none.   There has never been even a single reported case of someone dying from a genetically modified crop. The Center of Disease Control, which tracks causes of death in the United States, has no reported cases of a person dying from a GMO. Nor this should be surprising when one understands that any commercially available genetically modified crop has undergone rigorous testing and has been reviewed by multiple government agencies.   There is also no credible, scientific evidence to suggest that GMOs are causing diseases or illnesses that would harm or kill someone [...]

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Q: Where Can The Curious Go To Learn About GMOs? ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’ Weighs In

By Amanda Zaluckyj - Jun 09, 2017

A: This post was originally published on GMO Answers' Medium Page.   As an “agvocate,” Amanda frequently writes about her family farm and advocates for modern agriculture issues. (Image Credit: Amanda Zaluckyj)   With so much information available at our fingertips, it’s sometimes hard to know what to trust. Misinformation exists, and there is a crucial need for clear communications about the science and benefits of modern agriculture. We asked GMO Answers expert Amanda Zaluckyj, a biotechnology and agriculture advocate, about where she recommends going to find evidence- [...]

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