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Why turn to this website? Asking questions here is the same as asking oil companies if fracking is bad. Not that I am for or against fracking but there is no integrity and objectivity in the Oil industry answering the question. You have decided on this tactic because more people are pushing for labeling and this is the strategy to defuse the issue. It has been side stepped for so long due to the statism in this country and companies like Monsanto corrupting the FDA and USDA. What's worth doing is worth doing for money until the consumers unite. Your time has run out. I feel bad for those wasting their time asking questions on here.

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We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

For those who are interested, we developed this site to enable visitors to find out more about GMOs and―a key difference with this initiative―to facilitate the opportunity to ask their questions of well-respected experts―nutritionists, health providers, scientists and conventional and organic farmers who are freely sharing their knowledge and experience. Other than for space and ease of understanding, the answers will not be edited by us. If there are such edits, the experts always have final review.

There is a large amount of misinformation on the Internet (such as the number and types of crops that are genetically modified, unsubstantiated safety and health issues linked to GMOs and inaccurate interpretations of U.S. and international regulatory processes). We think people want to know the facts and will appreciate a place to go to get answers from experts with knowledge and experience in these areas. Please explore our site and let us know what you think.

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Why ask an expert in their field anything about what they live, breathe and work with every day? Because they are the experts! Would you ask a realtor the best way to make a pharmaceutical drug? Or a meteorologist how to run a restaurant?

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I would like to see organic farmers answering questions. They are doing the work in the field and have to live with the consequences of GMO contamination.

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Why are no organic farmers answering questions? They have to live with the consequences of contamination with GMOs.

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How much pesticide is being used in GMO production and how has GMO agriculture increased the use of herbicides in the environment to grow food for livestock?

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Another nonsensical answer. And how many real estate agents predicted the mortgage derivative collapse? And how many Big Pharma corporations should the public trust in marketing effective and safe drugs? This is one of the most heavily fined industries paying out billions of dollars for corruption and fraud. Why should we believe anything scientist on Big Chemo-Ag's payroll? Andi, care to give it another try?

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Most organic farmers wouldn't know the answers to them.

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The organic farmers I know are people of integrity, in touch with their nature. Their opinions are generally wise and balanced, and frequently well-informed about the potential and risks of GMO's. Most of the opinions I've read from the biotech industry are neither balanced nor take into account the full intelligence of Nature, which is why we now have super weeds creating havoc, illegal, unapproved wheat and canola being discovered, a wealth of independent, peer reviewed scientific research supporting the view that GMO's are in fact toxic to animals and humans popping up, etc. The arrogant opinion that biotech scientists can understand the full implications of genetically altering plants for commercial purposes and guarantee that no long-term problems will occur is frightening to me because of the irreversibly of it. Once these new organisms are released into the environment, it's forevermore. This same scientific arrogance, in my opinion, sold the public on the safety of Agent Orange, PCB's, DDT, Artificial Sweetners, (We're scientists, and we know more than you do, so trust us.) Unfortunately, scientists without integrity (knowing their own nature) won't be able to see or express the truth about anything. What would help my trust would be for at least one of the major biotech companies to volunteer it's employees and their families to participate in a long-term gmo feeding study, and the results monitored and reported by an independent scientist committee.

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I'm not here to find answers. I know the answers already. The "information" has been made available to us from both sides of the laboratory. I'm here to see if the AgriGiants are willing to be held accountable for their actions. Seemingly, from what I've read so far, the answer is NO. Surprised? Not really.

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@ Patti - if you are not interested in engaging in an open conversation, why are you participating in this initiative?

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What a RIDICULOUS statement from Andi Robinson. The whole premise of this "informational" website is more than likely nothing but state run propaganda and anyone who is defending GMO's you can be sure are profiting from the govt protection of them. I wonder what someone might uncover if the "experts" giving their "unbiased" professional views on this site were investigated in regards to any interest they may have in muddying the waters on this sensitive subject.

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@seedsofdeath @DoYourResearch We would like to clarify - The independent experts who have agreed to participate in this forum and respond to consumer questions have done so voluntarily and are receiving no compensation for their participation. This forum is designed to debate the facts. Please focus comments and questions on issues related to GMOs and agriculture.

Thanks @Andi Robinson for sharing your perspective.

@DoYourResearch - With regard to the comments about GMO Answers – we believe that people want to know the facts and will appreciate a forum to get their questions answered from experts with knowledge and experience. This website is intended to serve as forum which focuses on the facts. More information available here http://gmoanswers.com/about

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Indeed, why would anyone who has confidence in their products need to goes to such extreme lengths to justify their existence?

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You said you hired independent experts who have agreed to participate in this forum and respond to consumer questions. Who are those independent experts? And can you attest that there aren't any connections or overlaps of those independent experts to any agriculture organisation or genetic enginering companies or their proponents? If you care about objectivity, balance and transparency will you also hire experts and scientists that have a sceptical view to GMOs to answer us here?

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Hey community manager, you people had 2 decades to be transparent. Your subterfuge in the market place is being pushed back. You BIOTECHS created this bad stigma, its your own fault to where we are today. It's irreparable. You will lose and it will be labeled.

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For true answers:
Evidence-based examination of the claims made for the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops: www.gmo-news.com/2013/07/gmo-myths-and-truths/

as pdf download.

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@ Chris123 Please also see the article below from the people at Sense About Science, an independent trust in the UK that works with over 5,000 scientists to help the public make sense of claims about scientific evidence. In this article they talk about GM. http://www.senseaboutscience.org/data/files/resources/9/MSofGM2011.pdf

@ rickspalding please remember to post constructive comments. This community aims to foster a non-confrontational and fact-based dialogue.