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Why cant GMO be used by organic farmers outside of science denial? GMOs are supposed to be better for the environment than conventional crops. If organic farming methodologies are better for the environment, why dont organic farmers use GMOs? Wouldnt that be extra environmentally beneficial?

Submitted by: dnv89


Expert response from Dr. L. Curtis Hannah

Professor, University of Florida

Thursday, 06/11/2014 14:59

You raise a very valid point. There is no scientific reason why organic growers cannot use genetically engineered plants. In fact, when GM plants first came on the market, I thought the organic growers would be the first to use them. The fact that plants could be engineered to avoid any spraying with insecticides would be ideal for the organic growers. Clearly I was wrong. Perhaps the arbitrary ban placed on GE technology by the organic community is because the use of genetic engineering will eventually minimize the difference between commercial and organic agriculture. Perhaps it is simply an attempt to guard (and possibly increase) market share.