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Where can I find the location for every study done by Monsanto and other companies that were submitted to the FDA for approval of their products? I would like to see the science behind each product but am having a very hard time finding any non 3rd party studies done. Where are the studies, created by the corporations that were submitted for approval from FDA and other regulatory agencies? I would like links to review for myself but am having the hardest time finding the science.

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As you noted, there are a lot of peer-reviewed studies available—for example, more than 600 studies are catalogued in Biofortified's GENERA database. We are in the process of providing more food safety information. Please stay tuned. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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good question. Good luck having monsanto release any public information like this

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The US FDA does not post the studies cited in the premarket biotechnology notifications submitted by developers, however the biotechnology notification file, which is the summaries of their assessments can be found at:

Food Standards Australia New Zealand, for the more recent products, posts the complete package of study reports for public review on their website at:

The global standards, nation to nation, for these food safety submissions are pretty standard, so what is submitted for Australia is representative of the food and feed safety package submitted to the FDA. For the Australia listings, look for the zip files- that's where the study reports reside. Be prepared to wait awhile to download, there is quite a bit of data in these packages.

Happy Reading!

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Sorry, the FDA link rendered weird in the comment window, but if you google "Completed Consultations on Bioengineered Foods", it should be the first hit... The Australia link works though!

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Thank you for posting this.

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I think you really ought to have sources one can read for free. Open source journals? There is this thing you forgot to mention called "Publishing Bias"

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There are several ways to find information regarding studies conducted with GMOs. Please remember that the studies will typically be specific to individual GMOs and the ones on the market or undergoing regulatory review prior to commercialization will have a specific identifier (MON 810, NK603, TC1507, etc.).

USDA posts submissions from GMO developers on their web site as part of the public comment period. All contain study summaries and data. You can also read USDA’s analysis of each GMO once it is complete.

In addition to the links to FDA and FSANZ (Australia/New Zealand) below, you can also go to The European Food Safety Authority’s GMO panel web site to see EFSA’s detailed assessment for any GMO the panel has taken action on. EFSA refers to them as Scientific Opinions. Each one is product-specific and contains study summaries and data. Additionally, is a site sponsored by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research that contains a wealth of information and research on GMOs.

If you’d like to see the latest of what’s been approved in Japan, you can visit That page has the submission documents (with data) for GMO crops as well as non-crop GMOs.

This Q&A also has some useful links for tracking down GMO-related publications Through that page there’s a link to a publication from the European Commission (A Decade of EU Funded GMO Research, that provides study summaries for GMO research on a variety of topics including safety and environmental impacts. The introduction to Chapter 1 (Environmental Impacts of GMOs by Marc Van Montagu) is a particularly interesting insight into the views of a scientist who has made a career of studying GMOs.