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What would be a common agreement for both people who are for gmos and people against?

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Both realize the need to produce more food with fewer inputs — to do more with less. We need more food and better-quality food, made with less water, less pesticide, less labor and less fuel, and with sensitivity to the environment. We need to help those in the developing world.
That's the good news. We are all on the same page.
Those against GMOs need to understand the science and how it is being stopped from helping solve the problems we all have identified. Solutions exist, but they are blocked from making progress toward safe and effective implementation.
My advice is to learn the science; learn how it can help solve problems for real people. Stop obsessing about companies that use it, and study the science. The science clearly says that this has been safe and effective technology and will be at least part of a long-term strategy to help farmers, the hungry and the environment.