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what does MOnsanto have to do with GMOS?

Submitted by: joniwheeler


Expert response from Community Manager

Friday, 29/05/2015 15:41

Thank you for the opportunity to explain Monsanto’s role in agriculture using GMO (genetically modified organism) technology. Monsanto is a company that develops solutions to help growers be more sustainable and productive. We use plant breeding and biotechnology to create seeds that grow into stronger, more resilient crops requiring fewer resources. Biotechnology is the process used to create GMOs seeds, such as corn, soy, cotton and canola, among others. Although crop biotechnology is an extension of traditional plant breeding, this method offers the ability to precisely introduce the desired trait into the plant genome. To learn more about Monsanto, what we do and our products, please visit and


Monsanto focuses on GMOs as part of the business portfolio because of the benefits for the farmers and consumers. Our products help to reduce pesticide use by the farmer and produce more food on less land, enabling the preservation of our natural habitat. They provide economic benefits as well, particularly to the small farmers in the developing world, who are the vast majority of farmers who plant GMO seeds. And, of course, there are consumer benefits! GMOs play a vital role in keeping food prices affordable. It’s estimated that corn-based products would be priced 6 percent higher and soybean-based products would be 10 percent higher if GM crops were not grown, according to a 2010 study by Graham Brookes, et al.


Monsanto is an innovative, agricultural company that uses multiple capabilities to solve problems and increase efficiency; innovations such as breeding, crop protection, precision agriculture and biotechnology, including GMOs, are a few of these capabilities. We help farmers produce safe and nutritious food.