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Is there even one professional representing GMO.asks who isn't pro-GMO's?

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I would not call myself "pro-GMO".  I'm pro-science.  Pro-evidence.  Like all scientists, I draw conclusions from the peer-reviewed literature, an understanding of plant molecular mechanisms, and a knowledge of biology.  At this point that leads me to the conclusion that GM is excellent technology that has strengths and limitations, just like anything else.


The information presented here on GMO Answers is evidence-based, coming from well-constructed studies with reproducible results.


You will find occasional contrasting data and conclusions occasionally, but this is typically in lower-impact journals, is highly criticized for inadequacies, and they are never reproduced.


In scientific circles there is no debate-- GM technology is safe and effective. Major scientific organizations like the National Academies of Science, American Society for Plant Biology and many others have clear positions as to the importance of this technology.


For the purposes of GMO Answers, it would be silly to have science-based facts being countered with activist-inspired opinions. 

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