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If their was no GMOS or chemicals in our foods would our food prices be lower or higher ???

Submitted by: iflower2020


Expert response from Dr. Stuart Smyth

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics, University of Saskatchewan

Thursday, 07/30/2015 15:25

Without the use of chemicals in the production of crops as well as the innovation of GM crops, food prices would definitely be higher than they are presently. Organic crops are produced using few chemicals and they yield about 65 percent of what a conventional crop yields. By comparison, GM crops yield 22 percent above that of conventional crops, according to a meta-analysis* released last year. Weeds are incredibly competitive for water and nutrient resources, resulting in lower yields in all crops. GM crops offer better weed control than both conventional and organic crops, hence the higher yield. If chemicals and GM crops were not available to farmers, the food industry would have to compensate the lower yields with higher food prices.