QIf their was no GMOS or chemicals in our foods would our food prices be lower or higher ???

If their was no GMOS or chemicals in our foods would our food prices be lower or higher ???

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Without the use of chemicals in the production of crops as well as the innovation of GM crops, food prices would definitely be higher than they are presently. Organic crops are produced using few chemicals and they yield about 65 percent of what a conventional crop yields. By comparison, GM crops yield 22 percent above that of conventional crops, according to a meta-analysis* released last year. Weeds are incredibly competitive for water and nutrient resources, resulting in lower yields in all crops. GM crops offer better weed control than both conventional and organic crops, hence the higher yield. If chemicals and GM crops were not available to farmers, the food industry would have to compensate the lower yields with higher food prices. 

Posted on November 26, 2017
One of the great things about farming is our ability to grow many different crops, while at the same time having the choices to raise them in different fashions, with or without biotech in the crops, especially in crops like corn. This can also be challenging as we have to work with our neighbors to make sure what we are growing doesn't cause a negative effect on what they are growing. This can happen in many different instances.    We raise production seed corn,... Read More
Posted on September 4, 2017
The principle reason that GM products such as Arctic apples are not available in Germany or any other country of the European Union is due to the GMO labelling legislation in place there. Presently, any food product that contains GM ingredients of greater than 0.9 percent has to be labelled as being a GM food product. The environmental non-governmental organizations have led extensive public relation campaigns to convince European consumers that GM labels are to be viewed as a warning, or... Read More
Posted on October 25, 2017
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