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If. Britain won't grow the stuff why has the USA saturated shops with it? We over here don't want freaky food , so why lie to poor old peeps in the america? Do you believe them to be somehow more gullibble or less intelligent? Americans are human beings and deserve access to affordable naturally grown food the way it always was, instead why isn't money spent on re fertilising those baron desert areas, and putting cows on grass,not soya???/corn??? Just wondered...

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Let me start by saying, there is absolutely no intention to deceive the American consumer by our regulatory bodies. We are fortunate in the United States that food safety determinations are made by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) at arm’s length from the political process.  Our regulatory and science authorities like those around the world have confirmed the safety of foods produced using biotechnology.  In fact there is no credible evidence of any harm from consuming biotech foods anywhere in the world. For more information on the safety of biotechnology, see this IFIC Fact Sheet. Several countries have allowed biotechnology to become politicized in their legislatures by invoking unproven allegations and ignoring the advice of their own scientific advisory panels.  In the United States, there has been consistent bipartisan support for the importance of using biotechnology to enhance our ability to produce more safe and wholesome foods, using less land, fuel and other agricultural inputs. Our surveys of U.S. consumers show consistent support for this use of biotechnology to produce food when benefits are understood.


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