Qi am doing a speech on gmos is there any thing that mite help me understand more about it

i am doing a speech on gmos is there any thing that mite help me understand more about it

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As an FFA advisor, I always advise my students to become experts on the process before delving into speech writing. This prepares them for the many questions they might face from judges, a debate panel or whomever they addressing in their audience. GMOs and biotechnology in general can seem overwhelming but with a little digging, it is easy to understand! First of all, biotechnology is really the speeding up of the process of selection. Agriculturalists have used selective breeding for many years in choosing the best sires and dams to pass traits on to their offspring. Biotechnology speeds up the process through mapping and gene splicing. Scientists identify the location of a desirable gene on a chromosome, remove the particular DNA segment and insert it into a new DNA sequence. Then they can analyze if the moved gene provides a positive benefit in its new location. This really speeds up the previously randomized process of selective breeding. Now we can choose specific traits for specific benefits.
I encourage you to check out texts like Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications (which I used when double checking my facts on this answer) as well as other scholarly texts and websites. Happy speech writing!

Posted on June 25, 2018
Thank you for your question and interest, it is great you are a supporter of sciences. The traditional home gardening seed outlets do not sell/market/offer GMO crop seeds, one would have to work through a grower seed dealer/distributor, which would require appropriate licensing and a contract agreement. So anyone can purchase GM seed varieties – it simply requires going through a farm supply company, getting the required licensing and signing a contract. But typical gardener retail... Read More
Posted on February 18, 2018
Plant breeding technologies have systematically increased variation in major food crops by using a variety of scientific tools, such as crossing, mutation, genetics and statistics. Take corn, the most produced grain in the world, as an example. Numerous varieties of field corn, sweet corn and popcorn have been developed through plant breeding technologies. From hundreds of varieties, farmers choose the best ones suited for their soils, climates and cultivation systems to grow in their areas...
Posted on February 18, 2018
For more information on plant breeding techniques we invite you to check out the below similar questions that have been answered before. Kevin Folta, Professor and Chairman, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida, discusses the cross-pollination and reproduction of plants in this response. A snippet is included below. “A species is defined by the ability to reproduce viable offspring, so any two plants within a species generally have the potential to cross pollinate.... Read More