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How much does it cost to ship or transfer GMOs internationally and nationally? Also, how much more or less do GMOs cost to the public?

Submitted by: richards


Expert response from Dr. Stuart Smyth

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics, University of Saskatchewan

Friday, 13/03/2015 14:10

The cost to ship GMOs is the same as it is for non-GMO commodities. Most of the GM crops are grown for animal feed, such as corn, canola or soybeans, and the livestock industry doesn’t require non-GMO animal feed, so the cost to transport a truck load or railcar of a GMO commodity would be the same as the non-GMO product.  The same would apply to international commodity shipments as these all go to the animal feed industry that doesn’t differentiate between GM and non-GM, even in Europe.


As for the second part of your question, I’m not sure of the context you are meaning, so I hope this helps. GM crops have contributed consumer benefits through lower food costs. One study on the global benefits of GM soybeans has estimated the total benefit to be US$46 billion, of which 31 percent (US$14.26 billion) has gone to consumers. There have been numerous studies on this question, and these studies from various countries have reported consumer benefits that range from zero to 53 percent of the total technology benefits. In large part, the amount of consumer benefit depends on the country and the GM crop being produced.