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How many G.M.O.s do we eat daily? not just processed foods

Submitted by: katelynmount_FFA


Expert response from Andy Hedgecock

Former Director, Scientific Affairs, DuPont Pioneer

Friday, 15/05/2015 17:01

“GMO” stands for genetically modified organism. GMOs are used for a variety of purposes, such as to produce human insulin, vitamins, vaccines or enzymes used in cheeses, fermented beverages and starch products. GMO Answers is focused on GM crops for agriculture. Currently, less than 10 GM crops are commercially available, including field and sweet corn, alfalfa, canola, cotton, soybeans, sugar beets, papayas and some summer squash. GMOs are not ingredients or processed foods. Rather ingredients in the foods you eat may be made using one or more GM crops or processes. In terms of fresh produce, only a handful of crops are available as GM varieties in the fresh produce section of your grocery store, including some sweet corn, papayas and summer squash.