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How can I be assured of the grain I am getting from Grain Craft Montana is free from glyphosate? Which mills from Grain Craft Montana receive glyphosate free flour? What are the specific pesticides being used by Montana Wheat Growers who supply these mills?

Submitted by: Jeannette Williams


Expert response from GMOManager

Monday, 01/29/2018 18:16

The fact that glyphosate kills wheat pretty much precludes it from being in the grain produced by wheat. Only situation I can think of glyphosate application in wheat is harvest aid application. I suppose there could be some residual from a crop harvest aid treatment to kill weeds, but that likely would not be taken up by the grain, but might be present as trace amounts if it can be tested for glyphosate residue. To know if the wheat grains are free from glyphosate traces in case harvest aid application was made, only grain residue analyses in a lab can tell.


In terms of herbicides, I know there are number of herbicide molecules that can be used for weed control in wheat. It all depends on what specific weed problem any wheat grower is facing. There are soil-applied, as well as post crop emergence, applied herbicides which are labelled to use in wheat. Good examples of grass herbicides are Olympus, Axial, Zidua, Powerflex, Maverick, Everest, Rimfire Max, Osprey etc. and broadleaf herbicides include Huskie, Starane, Bronate Advance, Goldsky, 2,4-D, dicamba etc.