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Care to explain GMO Marijuana? now that you are patenting it, you are fighting for its legalization? does monsanto approve or condone the use of marijuana? and why is GMO marijuana considered acceptable, while organic marijuana is not.

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We don’t know of any legitimate GM Marijuana in development or in existence. Any rumored involvement by CBI or seed companies is “urban legend.”

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Cannabis has definitely been genetically modified for the underground and “medical” markets, but not using the modern methods that get called “GMO”. The modification of the genetics of marijuana achieved using a combination of traditional breeding techniques and clumsy, “old-school” techniques like chemical mutagenesis and induced polyploidy. In other words, various enterprising people used toxic chemicals to cause mutations or used Colchicine to induce the plants to double the number of chromosomes in every cell. Some of these plants grew better and/or made more THC. That is why modern marijuana is so much more potent.

There is a long, completely unregulated history of using these techniques to improve legal crops, but such methods are far more likely to cause undesired and undetected additional changes in the plant’s genetics. Modern genetic engineering is a much safer option.

The Cannabis modification occurred completely outside of any mainstream company or regulatory scheme. In other words, Monsanto has nothing to do with this. There is one very legitimate potential application of precise genetic engineering with Cannabis. There are chemicals other than THC in marijuana that are very helpful for some forms of epilepsy. If the genes for THC production could be turned off, the resulting plants could be a good source of that therapeutic chemical.

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The days of the drug war against THC are OVER. Mr. Savage is clearly out of his league in this current topic. Such notions of eliminating natural THC production in cannabis is completely off topic, what he's suggesting is the equal to eliminating Nicotine from Tobacco, some people might still, for a while consume tobacco, but come on, does Mr.Savage really think their is any money in nicotine free tobacco? He's sucking up to the big tit of the FDA and the DEA, or am I the only one who see's through his thinly vialed attempt to cover up who he really works for?

There are plenty of low THC strains that have been around longer then Monsanto has been, and mother nature is the ULTIMATE expert on Genetic Engineering, and quite frankly the Marijuana industry doesn't need Monsanto's kind of help, we really can't improve that which is already perfect, our arrogance will lead to pure hubris, and what's more, who asked Monsanto, or any other lab to create or worse "improve that which already exists?"and that which already exists in the public domain to begin with is to be protected isn't it? and not to benefit the public interests, but to add only to the private corporate wealth?, to "improve that which is public domaine already" is folly. I can foresee a day when it will be the Farmers who sue Monsanto, and not the other way around. If one strain shows up that has Monsanto's genetic markers on it, that will be the day Monsanto truly begins it's death march to it's corporate grave yard, and before we can catch up with the board of directors, the company is already largely held off shore to prevent such capture of the board of directors, interpol will catch up with them any way. Just as they did in Iceland when the Icelandic banks collapsed. They can run, but even in the brave new world we all face, the board of directors will answer to their Grand you see where this leads.Mr Savage? Thanks for your time.

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Mr. Savage wrote this piece long before where we are today, He hails from the FIRST State to legalize Cannabis, Colorado, and recently it was announced that the State of Colorado had tax revenues in excess of ONE billion dollars in 2015, I guess that means Cannabis is here to stay for a while, at least in Colorado it is ...however the medical markets for super low CBD strains aren't bringing his salary are they? It's the THC the public is buying, and since I have epilepsy, I more then personally welcome those strains to my medicine cabinet, and that's the truth! But in truth, it's the whole plant that is medicinal, and it can't be any other way no matter how much the politicians wan to pass the hot potato they created.
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