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Are GMO's a form of population control?

Submitted by: c2thaj


Expert response from Fran Castle

Former Global Senior Manager, Communications, BASF

Monday, 07/10/2013 15:47

No. GMOs are helping farmers produce a more abundant food supply on less land with fewer inputs. More information about the evolution of crop improvement is available in our Explore the Basics section. You may also be interested in the following resources:


  • Sense About Science, an independent trust in the UK that works with over 5,000 scientists to help the public make sense of claims about scientific evidence. In this article, they talk about GMOs.
  • ISAAA summary of 49 peer-reviewed publications of farmer surveys that show how genetically modified crops have benefited farmers, especially in terms of increased yields.
  • Brookes and Barfoot, "Key environmental impacts of global GM crop use 19962011," in GM Crops and Food.