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Relevance of new scientific information (Santos - Vigil et al ., 2018 1 ) in relation to the risk assessment of genetically mo dified crops with Cry1Ac

The following is a study detailing the safety of GMO crops.

The EFSA GMO Panel assessed the safety of Cry1Ac protein in the context of various GM  plants applications (Table 1). It is noted that the EFSA GMO Panel assessed different variants of the Cry1Ac proteins, all fully characterised in structure and function, and did not identify concerns regarding the safety of  any of  them. In particular,  the allergenicity  assessmentof all Cry1Acprotein varietns was performed in  line with the  principles described  in Codex  Alimentarius  guidelines  on  biotechnology (2003-2009), the EFSA  GMO  Panel  guidance  document  for  food/feed  safety  (2011)  and  Regulation (EU) 503/2013. For such  assessment, the EFSA GMO Panel followed a weight-of-evidence approach considering information of different nature. This included indications of safety concern from the donor organism and/or from thenewly expressed protein itself,as well as bioinformatics analysessearching for  relevant  similarities with  known allergens and in vitro degradation studies. In the context of  the GM  plants evaluated  (Table 1),  the  EFSA GMO Panel identified  no  indications of safety concerns regarding allergenicity.

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