Independent Experts will solicit feedback from experts across a wide range of disciplines in order to provide consumers with balanced, fact-based responses to their questions. The expert resources we’ve identified include conventional and organic farmers, agribusiness experts, scientists, academics, medical doctors and nutritionists from a wide range of studies. These are the leaders in their fields, respected for their subject matter expertise and their unique insights. They are not affiliated with the Council for Biotechnology Information or its member companies, but have volunteered to address questions because they believe in transparency and consumers’ rights to make informed choices about the food they serve to their families.

Company Experts

We know that consumers have questions about biotechnology companies and their practices. While this forum is not a discussion board for each of the Council for Biotechnology Information members, we understand that questions will come up. is committed to addressing all constructive questions, and we’ll invite company experts to address the important questions posed on this site. We ask for your understanding - not every company question can or should be addressed in the same way. However, we’ve all committed to addressing as many important questions as possible.

Regulatory Toxicologist, Bayer CropScience LP
Bayer CropScience
Scientific Outreach and Issues Management Lead, Monsanto
Fifth-generation Farmer; Board Member, Truth About Trade & Technology
Independent Expert
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Monsanto Company
Food Safety Scientific Affairs Lead, Monsanto
Global Weed Resistance Lead, Monsanto
Senior Research Scientist – Team Leader, Syngenta
Senior Manager, Biotech Affairs and Regulatory
Chief Scientist, U.S. Agency for International Development Bureau for Food Security
Independent Expert
Agricultural Advocate; Grower of Food, Fiber & Kids; Consumer
Independent Expert
Manager, Partnerships and Programs, Food and Agriculture Section, Biotechnology Industry Organization
Farmer, Illinois
Independent Expert