Stephen Adams

Chemistry Regulatory Affairs Manager, Monsanto Company

I’ve been working in the crop protection industry for over 30 years starting as an analytical chemist studying the fate of agricultural pesticides in the environment. One of the most rewarding phases of my career at Monsanto was working directly with farmers and pesticide applicators in the field, putting what I learned in the lab and about the regulation of pesticides by the States and U.S. EPA, into pesticide best management practices that protect the environment and resources we all share.

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Posted On: Thursday, 2/27/2014 1:38 pm
A: Drinking water can come from two sources: a public water system that provides drinking water to approximately 90 percent of Americans, or private drinking-water wells. Groundwater or surface waters (lakes, rivers and streams) are the sources of drinking water. There are a number of management practices that farmers use to limit the movement of glyphosate herbicides and other pesticide tools in both ground- and surface-water sources of drinking water. There are two ways in which pesticides... Continue Reading
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