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Mike Owen

University Professor, Associate Chair, Agronomy Department and Extension Weed Specialist, Faculty Senate Past President

Owen has been at Iowa State University since December 1, 1982 and joined the Agronomy Department in 1986. He has directed research on a number of topics including weed seedbank population dynamics, the genetic and physiological control of weed seed dormancy, the genetics and physiology of herbicide resistance in weeds and the herbicide research / demonstration project. Owen has also been active in service to the university including serving as faculty adviser for many sports clubs. Owen has directed numerous graduate students and provided in-service educational opportunities for international students. Owen serves as the Associate Chair of the Agronomy Department and is a Past President of the Iowa State University Faculty Senate. Personal interests include family, hockey, hunting, softball and fishing. Owen was a USA Hockey Level III referee and local Referee-in-Chief but retired in 2011. He also is a long-time ASA and IHSGAU Softball umpire.

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Posted On: Wednesday, 8/21/2013 8:50 pm
A: I suggest you contact the Office of Research at UC Davis for this specific information. Monsanto and most other CBI members interact with and provide support to many public, land grant and private research universities. I can’t speak for the researchers at Davis, but I would welcome funding to conduct research from other sources…unfortunately they don’t exist. It is important to point out that when a university accepts funding from a company, most of the time those funds do not have... Continue Reading
Posted On: Tuesday, 8/20/2013 7:14 pm
A: I would say that Monsanto and most other CBI members interact with and likely provide support to public, land grant and private research universities. The information you are requesting in many cases is publically available. Iowa State University, for example, has a specific group called the Office of Sponsored Programsthat handles these arrangements with external organizations. I am confident other universities that interact with companies have similar organizations that can provide this... Continue Reading
Posted On: Friday, 8/02/2013 12:05 pm
A: I am not sure I understand your question exactly, but I presume you are asking if the people who respond to these questions as a courtesy to the public on behalf of the university where they are employed receive funding from Monsanto. The answer is likely yes.  Monsanto and other companies involved in agriculture and other scientific disciplines provide funding for research at many, if not most, public land grant universities and also many private institutions. Given the dearth of... Continue Reading
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