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Was Michael Taylor the Deputy Czar of the FDA a VP at Monsanto?

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We’ve received several questions about the careers of a few people who formerly worked at Monsanto, but were later hired for government positions.  Individuals commonly change jobs and move between industry, academia, government and NGOs.  Michael Taylor, for example, has worked in all four of these sectors. This diversity of job experience is good for individuals and for the institutions that hire them.  


It is common when individuals move between industry and government positions, they are subject to conflict of interest rules that define and limit the interactions with their former employer.  Michael Taylor was a former vice president of public policy at Monsanto in the late 1990s for 16 months and is currently FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine.  It is my understanding that when decisions are made about GM foods, he recuses himself from involvement in these decisions to avoid concerns about the appearance of impropriety.


Please take a look at my previous response, as well as my colleague John Cordt’s response to a similar question:


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