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Meet the Experts

GMO Answers is committed to finding the best expert to answer your question. Depending on the nature of your question, the answer may be provided by an independent expert, industry organization, the GMO Answers Community Manager or an expert from a member company.

Independent Experts will solicit feedback from experts across a wide range of disciplines in order to provide consumers with balanced, fact-based responses to their questions. The expert resources we’ve identified include conventional and organic farmers, agribusiness experts, scientists, academics, medical doctors and nutritionists from a wide range of studies. These are the leaders in their fields, respected for their subject matter expertise and their unique insights. They are not affiliated with the Council for Biotechnology Information or its member companies, but have volunteered to address questions because they believe in transparency and consumers’ rights to make informed choices about the food they serve to their families

Company Experts

GMO Answers works with a number of experts from the biotechnology companies who founded GMO Answers to address your questions. These company experts are sourced from a range of disciplines, from toxicology to public affairs to weed management, to answer questions related to their expertise. They also address questions about their company products and practices.

Third-Party Experts

GMO Answers third-party experts represent organizations and companies that are aligned with the five core principles of GMO Answers. With backgrounds in a range of disciplines, third-party experts answer questions submitted to GMO Answers that are related to their field of expertise.

Ambassador Experts

GMO Answers Ambassadors are a group of experts working in biotechnology, genetic engineering, health and nutrition, public policy and beyond. They share one thing in common: a passion for connecting with the public on important topics surrounding food production. Together, they comprise a community of highly engaged experts who can talk about GMOs and answer questions about how our food is produced.

GMO Answers Ambassadors engage the public by sharing their stories, research and perspectives on GMOs and food production with media and at speaking engagements. Ambassadors have the opportunity to attend—and often present at—industry conventions and meetings, and participate in panel discussions and other related events.

On occasion, GMO Answers will reimburse attendees and participants for travel expenses and other direct project costs. A list of recent project and travel costs is listed below.

Relevant charges eligible for reimbursement include:

  • Airfare
  • Mileage
  • Meals (excluding alcohol)
  • Transportation charges (ex: cab fare to and from airport; cab fare to and from event)
  • Hotel

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Dr. Elizabeth Bates

Head of Seed & Trait Safety, Bayer

Company Expert Bayer
Karen Batra

Director of Food & Agriculture Communications

Third Party Organization
Scott Baucum

Director of Business Conduct, Monsanto Company

Company Expert Monsanto
Jennifer Bearden

Agriculture Agent, University of Florida IFAS Extension, Okaloosa County

Independent Expert
Erin Bell, Ph.D.

Compositional Biology Lead

Company Expert Monsanto
Dirk Benson

Head, Seeds Product Development, ad interim, Syngenta

Company Expert Syngenta
Rob Bertram

Chief Scientist in USAID’s Bureau for Food Security

Independent Expert
Sven Bisang

Public Policy Associate, Switzerland – Syngenta

Company Expert
Ann Blacker, PhD, DABT

Regulatory Toxicology, Bayer LP

Company Expert Bayer
Marian Bleeke

Fate and Metabolism Platform Lead, Monsanto Company

Company Expert Monsanto
James Blome

President & CEO, Bayer LP

Company Expert Bayer
Natalia Bogdanova

Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Biotechnology Regulatory Solutions, LLC

Independent Expert