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Why isn't your site answering the important questions? Like "How can you be sure that GMO foods won't affect human health long-term?" There are other important questions (to me as a consumer) that are not being answered on your site. Pleased don't feed me biased spin talk either. We are asking serious questions that will affect the ENTIRE human race in the future... I seriously doubt good answers forthcoming because I don't think the real science needed has been performed and any negative results will be hidden to protect profit centers. Please explain why you aren't answering some seriously important questions posed in a timely fashion. I AM THE CONSUMER and I am waiting on your answers.

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Tuesday, 07/30/2013 18:18

The GMO Answers team is collecting questions and working to provide the best possible responses. We are working to vet questions with independent experts when we can, which can take a few days, versus taking an answer “off the shelf.”  See our House Rules on how quickly we hope to answer questions. You can find some specific info on this topic in the Explore the Basics section of this website.

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