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You guys have said that food labels are only to warn consumers of nutritional content or anything that might be harmful, and that is why you try to shut down labeling initiatives. What about country of origin? I buy avocados from Mexico all the time - that doesn't really mean anything in terms of nutrition. I think that people want more information, whether or not the nutritional content is altered. Can you please address this?

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I’m going to quibble a little bit with your interpretation of what we’ve said.  As far as I know, we haven’t made any statements indicating that the only reason for a food label is to warn consumers.  There is a lot of information, such as marketing claims, provided on a product package that has nothing to do with safety.  What we have opposed are state labeling initiatives that are meant to disparage products with GMO ingredients.  Supporters of these labeling initiatives have admitted that this is the goal – to drive GMOs out of the marketplace, not necessarily to educate consumers on their food choices.


You are right that a lot of people would like more information about their food.  That’s why we created this website – so that interested consumers could ask questions and receive responses directly from us.  Additionally, we believe in consumer choice, and support voluntary labeling, such as non-GMO or organic, and companies providing truthful information to consumers that promotes their products, whether they contain GMO ingredients or not.


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Is the nutritional content altered or not?