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Why doesn't Monsanto let INDEPENDENT not industry owned scientists study their GMO seeds?

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Independent researchers can do testing on our products.  In fact, there have been hundreds of studies on GMOs performed by independent scientists.  Please see additional information that I provided in response to a similar question on GMO Answers:

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As this site manager has already told us, even the so-called independent studies are under contract by the biotech companies. They do not allow actually independent studies, that would be detrimental to their profits. Which is why you won't see any sound arguments on this question or any that have even half their facts right. At least, nothing more than the insufficient BS we've been given so far.

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ResearchGirl - academics can conduct research on GMO seeds, see info on agreements which provide for this:

Additionally, the US federal regulatory process includes solicitation of public review and input. I'm not sure what BS you're referring to.

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