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Why arent GMO foods labeled in the United states? We have the right to know what we are eating!

A:Expert Answer

Thank you for your question regarding the GMO labeling.


“In July 2016 President Barack Obama signed a bill requiring labeling of foods that contain ingredients from genetically modified organisms.” Read more about this here.


Kate Hall, Managing Director for the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) states in a response that “companies are [also] supportive of consumers’ right to know.”


In this response, you can find more information about which consumer products are currently labeled. Former Director of scientific affairs, Andy Hedgecock at DuPont Pioneer discusses how food is labeled in the U.S. and the process it goes through here.

“In the United States, food is labeled in accordance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy, which is the same for foods derived from biotechnology as it is for conventional foods. Nearly two decades of science and rigorous global review have demonstrated that biotech crops are safe. Therefore, GMO labeling is about how food is marketed, and there are already voluntary food marketing programs in place.”


For more information on labeling, please visit the USDA website here which discusses responsibilities within the next two years to identify the formal rules on labeling.