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On what way gmo labeling affects genetic engieering

Submitted by: June Rey Cabulagan


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Wednesday, 12/06/2017 18:53

The topic of labeling can be discussed in many different ways. We hope the below information on labeling GM food addresses your question.


The issue of GMO labeling, the consumer choice and logistical impacts of labeling genetically engineered food is discussed in this response.


Scott Kohne, NAFTA market acceptance manager for the Seeds Unit at Bayer, explains the difference between labeling in different countries vs. labeling GMO products in the U.S. Read his full response here.

“Foods being produced or packaged in the U.S. and exported to those countries that do have GMO labeling requirements would need to comply with the specific labeling requirements for that country. There are different requirements for many of these countries, which creates additional costs and complexities for both the food manufacturer and exporter and for consumers in that country. Remember that these GMO products are regulated in many countries and a part of the regulatory approval process is the evaluation of the safety and nutritional facts of the GMO product – the same evaluation as conducted in the U.S.”


Lisa Katic, president of K Consulting, explains the rationale for the FDA labeling policy of GM food in her response here.


Kate Hall, former managing director for the Council for Biotechnology Information, also addresses how labeling of GMOs would affect the consumer and the producers in this response.


Several other experts have addressed the issue of GMO labeling in previous responses. Read some of their responses here