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What is the current situation of African Harvest sorghum bio fortified project in Burkina Faso..was it suspended, and why?

A:Expert Answer

Sorghum is the fifth most important grain for food use globally and is the primary cereal in arid and semi-arid geographies of Africa, especially the Sahel region. It is a resilient staple food for 300 million people in Africa. Approximately 70 percent of all sorghum globally is grown in Africa.


For practical reasons, the Africa Biofortified Sorghum (ABS) Project had to select African countries where on-going experiments could be conducted. Kenya and Nigeria were ideal and the project has been able to conduct multiple Confined Field Trials (CFTs), in addition to multiple CFTs conducted in the U.S.


Several African countries – including Burkina Faso – continue to be of interest to the ABS Project. Scientists and policymakers in these countries continue to be involved in the project through regular appraisals and attendance of project meetings. At the right time, the project will consider re-engaging as the strategy dictates.

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