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There are fact based DVDs out there, such as genetic roulette, King Korn and FOOD INC.!! Anyone reading this should watch anyall fact documentaries before asking dumb questions about GMOs pronounced geemows..QA Your article said Bt corn is safe ! Would you be willing to eat Bt corn everyday for 2weeks and prove that in a case study ??

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Thank you for your questions and concerns. The assertion that Jeffrey Smith books and DVDs are “fact-based” has been previously addressed by expert Dr. Bruce Chassy, who states,


“I understand that claims made by Jeffrey Smith, the movie’s director and author the self-published book, Genetic Roulette, are alarming and could cause great concern. It’s important to understand Mr. Smith’s background. He is not a doctor or researcher and he has never conducted a scientific study or published a peer-reviewed scientific paper. Please read his Biography at his website to confirm this. He is an energetic, articulate and persuasive layperson who has made himself into one of the leading outspoken opponents of GM crops -- but he is no expert on the science.”


You can read his full response here.


To address the other piece we have questions on the site regarding human trials, see these resources below:

Why has there never been a clinically controlled independent human feeding trial? If I were to come down with some unknown, inexplainable, or highly unlikely health condition, is anyone looking for cause and effect from consuming GMOs. If no one is looking for connections - does that mean connections don't exist? Also why are animal trials only conducted for 3 months, whereas humans, as another kind of animal, are being fed GMOs long term and not even followed for 3 months!


• Dr. Tony Shelton explains more about Bt, how it works and the science behind it in his study: Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt): human and environmental safety

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