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My question pertains to the genetic modification of Roundup Ready soybeans. How is it that this process occurs? Id like to know the specific steps used from the targeting of specific genes at the start to the finished product. Thank you

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The basic steps are as follows:


  1. Identify a gene that will provide resistance to the herbicide.
  2. Based on the sequence of the resistant gene, make a DNA expression cassette that contains a promoter to turn on the gene, the resistant gene, and a sequence to stop gene transcription. 
  3. Transform the plant in tissue culture to incorporate the resistant gene
  4. Screen for plants that have successfully incorporated the resistant gene and are tolerant to glyphosate.

A very good detailed description of the process is already available at  Additional details about Roundup Ready soybeans are also available in the USDA petition for deregulation at


If you have additional questions, I would be happy to answer them. 

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