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If GMO's are safet and cause no health risks, why are there countless medical studies and post mordum exams on animals that have consumed GMO food that have graphic organ damage? I refer you to Jeffery Smith's book Genetic Roulette, for the countless medical/clinical studies available in one location. This book is also referenced quite well so you could read the peer reviewed papers, if desired. Please don't respond that may of these cases cited by Mr. Smith were not conducted in the US and are invalid. Regards, Amos

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To answer your first question, several claims of animal health risks from GMO foods have been reviewed on this website – you may find the following responses to other questions interesting:


Dr. Bruce Chassy, Professor Emeritus of Food Safety and Nutritional Sciences in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, recently provided a response to a similar question about health risks and Jeffrey Smith’s book, Genetic Roulette; an excerpt is below:


“I understand that claims made by Jeffrey Smith, the movie’s director and author the self-published book, Genetic Roulette, are alarming and could cause great concern. It’s important to understand Mr. Smith’s background. He is not a doctor or researcher and he has never conducted a scientific study or published a peer-reviewed scientific paper. Please read his Biography at his website ( to confirm this. He is an energetic, articulate and persuasive layperson who has made himself into one of the leading outspoken opponents of GM crops -- but he is no expert on the science.


Despite the numerous claims made by Mr. Smith about all sorts of adverse effects caused by GM crops, none of these has ever actually occurred in real life. The scientific facts and evidence undermine Smith's claims.


As one review of the movie reads: ‘…his evidence is anecdotal and not the result of rigorous scientific investigations. His experts for the most part are not scientists at all, but drawn from parents, activists, pseudo-scientists and members of the alternative medicine community.’”


Chassy also provides a point-by-point response to Jeffrey Smith’s Genetic Roulette on his blog Academics Review, addressing each claim with peer-reviewed science:

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