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how can I counteract the negative effects of GMOs ?

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Many people believe GMOs cause negative effects and are unsafe. However, GMOs are safe and every leading health organization in the world stands behind the safety of GMOs. Extensive and continuous studies on GMOs are being conducted to ensure their ongoing safety for consumption.


Click here to find thousands of studies on the safety of GMOs.

Click here to find hundreds of independent studies.


To many, GMOs are considered an important tool in addressing complex issues around the globe. From environmental sustainability to nutritional benefits, we’ve outlined many of the important ways GMOs can provided benefits to farmers, consumers and the environment in the response posted here.


In the spring of 2016, The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) researched this very same question and concluded: Yes, GMOs are safe.


Check out this infographic that details how more than 20 scientists, researchers, agricultural and industry experts reviewed over 20 years of data since GMOs were introduced and provides the full NAS report.






Further, watch this video to learn more about the NAS study on GMOs:





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