Qcan they genetically modify squirrels or other aminals

can they genetically modify squirrels or other aminals

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There are no genetically modified squirrels. The GM salmon was recently approved by the FDA and is the first GMO food animal to be approved. The salmon was genetically modified for a few reasons including conserving wild fish populations and providing low impact aquaculture. Read more about this first GMO animal, why and how it was created.


You might also be interested in the genetic engineering for “de-extinction.” For more information on this concept, here is a previous response that explains projects focused on this effort.


As for other animals, you may have heard of GloFish® - check out their website for more information on these commercially available fish.


The use of genetic engineering is an exciting technology with a lot of potential for scientific advances, but as with any new technology it requires a lot of discussion and a good reason - besides the cool science - to do it.

Posted on March 21, 2018
Thank you for your question. This question has been previously been answered in this response. A snippet of is included below: “Jim Gaffney, PhD, Strategy Lead of Biotech Affairs and Regulatory at DuPont Pioneer says this: “In short, yes, genetically modified (GM) crops are one tool with great potential for helping feed the growing population. The challenge is not just one of increased productivity though, but also of improving prosperity for millions of smallholder farmers and... Read More
Posted on February 28, 2018
We would like to address your question in two parts. We will explain exactly what a GMO is and then explain what foods are “turned into GMOs” - otherwise known as what crops are genetically modified. WHAT IS A GMO? When people refer to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), they are referring to precision plant breeding using genetic engineering. It allows plant breeders to take a desirable trait (like resistance to drought, insects, weeds, and disease)... Read More
Posted on February 18, 2018
Plant breeding technologies have systematically increased variation in major food crops by using a variety of scientific tools, such as crossing, mutation, genetics and statistics. Take corn, the most produced grain in the world, as an example. Numerous varieties of field corn, sweet corn and popcorn have been developed through plant breeding technologies. From hundreds of varieties, farmers choose the best ones suited for their soils, climates and cultivation systems to grow in their areas...