Qcan they genetically modify squirrels or other aminals

can they genetically modify squirrels or other aminals

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There are no genetically modified squirrels. The GM salmon was recently approved by the FDA and is the first GMO food animal to be approved. The salmon was genetically modified for a few reasons including conserving wild fish populations and providing low impact aquaculture. Read more about this first GMO animal, why and how it was created.


You might also be interested in the genetic engineering for “de-extinction.” For more information on this concept, here is a previous response that explains projects focused on this effort.


As for other animals, you may have heard of GloFish® - check out their website for more information on these commercially available fish.


The use of genetic engineering is an exciting technology with a lot of potential for scientific advances, but as with any new technology it requires a lot of discussion and a good reason - besides the cool science - to do it.

Posted on March 9, 2018
Thanks for the question. I believe you are asking about how corn hybrids are produced. For starters, corn plants have both female (silks and cobs) and male parts (tassels). This means that in a field of corn, any plant can fertilize any other plant (hybrid), including itself (inbred).   Breeders create new hybrids by cross pollinating genetics of a specific male inbred (plants with uniform performance) with a specific female inbred. This is done by planting one row of the male... Read More
Posted on June 25, 2018
Thank you for your question and interest, it is great you are a supporter of sciences. The traditional home gardening seed outlets do not sell/market/offer GMO crop seeds, one would have to work through a grower seed dealer/distributor, which would require appropriate licensing and a contract agreement. So anyone can purchase GM seed varieties – it simply requires going through a farm supply company, getting the required licensing and signing a contract. But typical gardener retail... Read More
Posted on March 21, 2018
Thank you for your question. This question has been previously been answered in this response. A snippet of is included below: “Jim Gaffney, PhD, Strategy Lead of Biotech Affairs and Regulatory at DuPont Pioneer says this: “In short, yes, genetically modified (GM) crops are one tool with great potential for helping feed the growing population. The challenge is not just one of increased productivity though, but also of improving prosperity for millions of smallholder farmers and... Read More