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14 year old teenager in Canada, Rachel calmly argues for the basic human right to know what’s in our food. Is it not a right to know what is in your food? See Rachel debate the subject:

A:Expert Answer

University of Florida professor and Horticultural Sciences Department chair Kevin Folta provides a discussion on some of the points Rachel Parent often discusses in the video below.

You can read a full transcript of the video here.



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Its great that this 14 year old is asking questions and everyone should have a right to know what is in their food. With that being said, this is a typical left-wing attempt to further misinform the public. They always seem to find kids to convey their messages too, so we look like monsters if we refute them. In reality, most of the claims on the page you posted are downright false. The entire editorial is aimed at teaching people how to spread misinformation, by "combating Monsanto". First of all, here is a comprehensive study that addresses the 3 issues raised by your link:

Second, you only need to read a few lines on that site to see clearly where their biases lie. Trying to obtain factual information from sites like that is like drinking out of the ocean, but expecting clear,clean drinking water instead of saltwater. This sort of misinformation should be obvious to anyone who is well-versed on the subject. Then again, I wouldnt expect a 14 year old to comprehend the hard science behind these technologies. I mean, you need at least a Masters degree in a related field to work within the field, so a middle schooler probably has the best perspective.....sounds about right. Not to mention, she actually says in the interview that she isn't trying to claim that GMOs are dangerous, just that she wants them labeled. She is clearly being used, and she has been misinformed. For instance, she clearly doesnt know what Golden Rice was designed for, and when Kevin O'Leary points that out, and he is condemned. I will post sources that directly refute her statements and support Kevin's.

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It is ridiculous to me that this girl can make claims like that, without even trying to cite a source. The scientific community has overwhelmingly supported these efforts, yet people are looking to this teenager for answers? HA!! for anyone who is getting their "factual information" from this girl, you deserve to be lied to.