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ARTICLE: Colorado Farm Show panel on GMOs addresses shift in public’s trust in science

The following is an excerpt of an article from The Tribune (Greeley, Co.) reporting on a panel about GMOs at a local farm show

Halie Harding, a senior at South High School in Cheyenne, Wyo., is part of the National FFA Organization. She gets frustrated with people who seem to turn to social media more and more to get information.

Especially when those people attack her family's livelihood. Harding has lived in ag and ranching communities for most of her life, and she worries about people who spread and consume misinformation about GMOs, otherwise known as genetically modified organisms.

It worries her because she sees some ridiculous stuff online.

"I see kids eating Tide pods," Harding said.

Harding came to the Colorado Farm Show on Tuesday at Island Grove Regional Park with some of her FFA chapter. She watched a documentary called "Food Evolution," which was followed by a panel that discussed GMOs.

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