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Posted On: Tuesday, 7/30/2013 7:27 pm
A: This is a popular myth, but it is just that and therefore not true. Monsanto has not banned, nor does it have any intention to ban, GMOs from its campus in St. Louis. Our employees are served foods that contain ingredients from GM crops in our cafeteria every day. In fact, every summer the St. Louis campus offers a farmers’ market to showcase some of our customers’ produce, which includes GM sweet corn, and make it available to our employees and their families.  There are more responses... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Monday, 8/05/2013 11:00 pm
A: Humans do many things better than nature. Human medicine attacks huge numbers of naturally existing microbes, insects, worms and pets that kill and maim us and our plants and animals. Nature is not always wise--the world can be a very nasty environment for our children and us. If we are going to live on the planet we will have to intervene and alter it to some extent to survive. Still it is true that in trying to alter nature one of the biggest threats is the unexpected spread of an... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Tuesday, 2/25/2014 12:45 pm
A: I don’t think any decision to apply GM methods was driven by what was happening in society, per se. It was driven by advances in science and technology that made it possible to do genetic engineering. There were obvious targets to try in agriculture (herbicide tolerance and insect resistance), and particularly companies who had interests in these areas focused on it and made it work. Public-sector research continued also, with some successes (virus-resistant papaya). In those early days,... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Monday, 5/12/2014 3:04 pm
A: We sanitize our labs before and after working with all organisms, regardless of whether they are genetically engineered or not. We work with microbial strains that are sometimes genetically modified but other times are not. We also work with plant cells and tissues under sterile conditions that may or may not be genetically engineered. It is critical to sanitize our work areas to maintain the purity of our cultures. The fact that we sometimes use genetically engineered organisms does not... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Thursday, 1/30/2014 10:28 am
A: While we cannot speak on behalf of the U.S. government or comment on specific benefit payments referenced in your question, Agent Orange is a topic that has been addressed on this site before. The response included below, provided by Martin Zucker, assistant general counsel at Monsanto, provides context to the use of Agent Orange by the U.S. military. "It is tragic whenever people suffer from serious health problems.  The U.S. military’s use of Agent Orange is an emotional issue for... Continue Reading